Come explore the world of Idhua: fourteen kingdoms surrounding an enchanted Forest. From the icy plains of the north where the Oracle reads weirds to the lush vineyards of the south where the dangerous secrets of an ancient Empire still linger, Idhua is a place of wonder, mystery and adventure. Click on a country to read more.


Lorgress is the southern-most country in Idhua and one of three that counts a part of the Forest inside its border. Lorgress was long ago the center of the Ocillian Empire. After the fall of the Empire, Lorgress was still a major cultural center and Lorgren is often the common tongue across Idhua. Lorgress has mild, rainy winters and long warm summers, making it a rich agricultural region.


Ariceda is one of the largest countries in Idhua and it is one of only three countries which count portions of the Forest within their borders.  Its people are a mix of early Seldu tribes, the northern Fjallisk, the southern Ocillians, and many others drawn to its rich farmlands and prosperous cities.  Ariceda is famous for its legendary Queen, Aeslthed, who lead the Aricedans out of Ocillian rule.


Lendhlay is the only country in Idhua which has no access to the sea. Located in the north-west region of Idhua, Lendhlay is perhaps the most isolated of the Kingdoms. A tight clan structure makes Lendhlay difficult for outsiders to access and it has a history of self-imposed isolation. Lendhlay has the most complex and powerful system of magic in Idhua.


Orin lies on the western central cost of Idhua. Unusually, it counts parts of the Forest within its borders. According to legend, St. Florés rode a unicorn and drew the Forest into the Kingdom of Rheme, protecting it from the invading Ocillian army. After the fall of the Empire, King Terel unified provinces, creating the Kingdom of Orin.


Souvin includes territory on the mainland, however most of its population is in its archipelago. Myri the most important island was inhabited for about five hundred years before the founding of the Ocillain Empire. One of the most notable characteristics of Souvin is that its monarchy lies in the female line. Souvin’s queen is confirmed by the Council of the Winds which is the oldest parliament in Idhua.


Ocilla is a south-western country and is very proud of its heritage from the Ocillin Empire. It adopted the Imperial Eagle for its flag as a reminder of its past. Having successfully rebuilt Imperial aqueducts and irrigation systems, Ocilla's agriculture is made possible by Imperial infrastructure. Ocilla is a dry country, but with its irrigation systems, it grows grapes, olives and wheat.


Donan is a small south-eastern country which, during the Ocillian Empire, was the primary manufacturing area of the magical alloy known as sylphyl. This production created all sorts of magical pollution and contamination throughout its countryside, causing strange mutations in local populations of plant, animals and even people. Even though the production of sylphyl has ceased, the main cities in Donan are centers for magical experimentation.


The kingdom of Eonia is an archipelago in the south-east of Idhua, comprised of thirty-two islands and over fifty other islets. The country is named for its largest island. The Eonian people came from across the sea to the east and their culture has been of great significance to Idhua. Eonia was one of the founding members of the Allied Kingdoms and is the primary seat of the Ánadine Church.


With the exception of river access to the Straits of Keffer at the mouth of the Provone River, Provaria is entirely landlocked. Most of its area is taken up in the Cazra Plateau - a high, dry desert with Mount Yessar at the middle of its rolling expanse. Much of Provaria's population is nomadic, grazing herds on the Plateau during the wet season and returning to the river valley during the dry.


Hynovia was once the center of the Hynovian Empire, which extended from the Avarran border in the north to the upper part of the Lorgran peninsula in the south, and included the Eonian archipelago. Hynovia has a fairly dry climate and its cycles of rain and drought are of constant concern to its agricultural community. Most of its population is concentrated along the cooler coast line.


Avarra encompasses vast tracts of woodland, wide plains, fertile valleys and several major rivers. For the past hundred or so years, Avarra has been struggling though a series of conflicts known as the Wars of the Lions. They began when sickly King Lionel died in 1349 LC and his two brothers began to quarrel over the crown, creating a shifting web of alliances.


Tav’uran is the most isolated country in Iduha due to the nature of its people. They are descended from exiles, who fled the Land of the Hundred Gods due to the Demon Wars. The Tav'urisk bloodline retains the magic which attracts the demons and thus there is an ongoing struggle between demon and human. A nomadic, clan-based culture, Tav'urisk society is tightly focused on their fight against their demonic foes.


Vanovsk is a large land of high mountains and long deep river valleys, rich in natural resources. Long, harsh winters and short summers make the population a small but hearty one. The name is taken from King Vanovar VI who unified the country in 126 LC. Vanovsk is a monarchy, traditionally ruled by boyars who owe allegiance to the king, but are relatively autonomous in their own fifes.

The Forest

The Forest lies at the center of Idhua and stretches from the North Sea to Lorgress in the far south. It is a place of great enchantment and danger. Magical creatures roam among its trees, the lesser Fey fill its groves and legend tells that there are hidden Elven kingdoms within its heart. Most countries in Idhua place their border at the edge of the Forest – only Aricida, Orin and Lorgress, include portions of the Forest within their boundaries.


Fjallind is in the north-west corner of Idhua. A country of rugged mountains and equally rugged coastlines, its inhabitants are a fierce and hardy folk. The Fjallisk are known for their fine horses as well as their fast, sleek dragon-prowed ships. Fjallind is not a traditional monarchy, but rather a collection of territories governed by lords and kings who all assemble under the High King.

The Teeth

The Teeth are a dangerous swath of rocks, islands and islets that reach above the Forest to the Ring of Storms – a dangerous, magical tempest that troubles the North Sea. The passage through the Teeth is difficult and can only be accomplished with small vessels, so most of the major shipping in Idhua takes the long southern route instead.