tannara-youngTannara Young is the creator of the world of Idhua: fourteen kingdoms surrounding a vast magical forest. She writes short fiction and novels exploring the people, landscapes and magic of Idhua. Her publication credits include the short story “The Summer Valley” in The Mythic Circle and the novelette “Autumn Road to Yessar” in the anthology The Great Tome of Fantastic and Wondrous Places. She has also had a nonfiction essay “Entering the Enchanted Forest” published at

She is hard at work finishing her first trilogy of novels: Red Lion, Gold Lion, for which she hopes to find a publisher in the near future. In addition, she continues to write and submit short fiction and is excited to connect with readers who enjoy Idhua and its varied lands as much as she does.

Tannara lives in central California on the coast of the wild Pacific ocean and near the majestic redwood forests. When she is not writing, she loves to take long walks through these inspiring landscapes, dreaming up her next tale.