Bearskin serialized at the Scarlet Leaf Review

Bearskin serialized at the Scarlet Leaf Review
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Avarra, novella
Publisher: Scarlet Leaf Review
Publication Year: 2016
Length: novella
When the Ocillian Empire falls and their mage order, the Padronelle, are disbanded, Henrick, a former soldier makes an alarming bargain to remove his magical enhancements. He must wear an enspelled bearskin for seven years - and he cannot bathe the whole time. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm tale.
About the Book
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Tannara Young is the creator of the world of Idhua: fourteen kingdoms surrounding a vast magical forest. She writes short fiction and novels exploring the people, landscapes and magic of Idhua. Her publication credits include the short story “The Summer Valley” in Mythic Circle and the novelette “Autumn Road to Yessar” in the upcoming anthology The Great Tome of Fantastic and Wondrous Places (Sept 2016). She has also had a nonfiction essay “Entering the Enchanted Forest” published at